Acropolis Remix | Parthenon Sculptures’ Reflections on Reflection [2019]

Curatorial Statement

The exhibition recreates the forms and meanings of the Acropolis virtually, thematizing the transparencies and reflections of the sculptures of the Parthenon, which diachronic existence is capable of continuously generating images and reverberations, profoundly influencing our culture and our thinking. This is the second exhibition of an experimental art curation proposal that brings together digital art in the Augmented Reality Artist’s book Acropolis Remix, proposing remixes of the monument.
As a long-lasting symbol of the democratic and humanistic ideals of classical Greece, the Parthenon is regarded as one of the most important monuments in the history of mankind. His sculptures are prominently displayed in the Acropolis Museum, including originals and also replicas of fragments found in foreign collections, with the hope that they can be reunited in the future, to be exhibited as a whole and in their original context. When visiting the museum, the visitor is faced with a dialogue between past and present time, a dialogue that can be seen through the walls and the glass floors, which transparencies and reflections make the ancient landscape and the archaeological finds harmoniously with the contemporary city. In the same way, as in the exhibition design of the museum, the temporal intercessions proposed re-actualize the senses of the monument, and in the same direction, the proposal of this digital exhibition is that visual artists and musicians produce works that thematize the multiple senses of the Sculptures of the Parthenon in the contemporaneity, focusing on the reflections of the reflections that continuously reverberate, such as incorporeal images, mirror images, copies, imitations, representations, inspirations, survivors, spectres and ghosts.


Celina Lage

Curatorial Team

Celina Lage

Raisa Santos

Patrícia Marques


Alison O’Neill
Dull Eye
England, 2018

Benna G. Maris
Anagogic convergence, Shaping woman
Italy, 2016

Benoit Maubrey
Speaker Sculptures Arena object
Germany, 2018

Bill Vine
This Is Only A Paper Tiger
England, 2018

Cibele Horizonte
Parthenon’s Reflections I, II, III
Brazil, 2019

Dimitrios Tsouris
I Am Your Queen – Blinded By the Light –
Come on Boy – Talking to me

James Hutchinson
Spearbearer remixed 1

Jenny Schade

Rich McCor
“Live long and prosper” Spock
England, 2016

Sadie Hennessy
A selection of works from ‘Anachronopolis
England, 2018

Susan Plover
A Reflection on Form
England, 2018

Terry Silvester
Our Time In The Dark
England, 2018


Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de Minas Gerais (FAPEMIG) (Foundation of Support Research of the State of Minas Gerais – FAPEMIG), Brazil.

PAPq – Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais

Institutional Partners

Graduate Program in Arts, Minas Gerais State University (UEMG), Brazil.