Acropolis Remix | Embraces: Utopian Proximities [2021]

Curatorial Statement

The exhibition shows video art, videoperformance, animation, videodance, & video poetry, addressing in a creative and poetic way possible and impossible proximities between bodies, which can be human, natural, material or artificial, imagined and digitally conceived.

The conceptual guiding thread and reference for the exhibition are the sculptures of embraces present on the east and west pediments of the Parthenon, on the Athenian Acropolis. The Acropolis Remix proposes a remix of the diachronic cultural landscape of the Acropolis, a space disputed throughout history and in constant construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction, thus establishing dialogues with the issues of the current world, enabling multiple reinterpretations.

The exhibition Embraces: Utopian Proximities proposes, in a positive way, embraces as a reestablishment of relationships in a utopian plane. Examples of these proximities are, on the one hand, fragments of the Parthenon sculptures which are in the British Museum waiting to be reunited again in Athens in the new Acropolis Museum and, on the other hand, the contemporary utopias of embraces around common causes, such as the dreamed embrace between Israelis and Palestinians for the end of the war.


Celina Lage

Lívia Lopes

Audio Visual Advisor & Video Editor

Celso Lembi


Alya Ola Abbas
The Third Third
Syria, 2018

Andrea Mikyska
Reload of the Switch
Germany, 2021

Angela Biegler
Brazil, 2020

Apos & Daniel Loureiro
Be a Man
Brazil, 2019

Athina Kanellopoulou
A Pieta of a Semitome
Greece, 2021

Bianca Turner
Brazil, 2019

Calixto Bento
Brazil, 2021

Cotidiania Coletiva
Brazil, 2021

Diego Ramos
Brazil, 2021

Emilliano Freitas
Brazil, 2020

Esmeralda Momferratou
Fragmented Self
Greece, 2021

Everton Pereira
Anxiety 20/20
Brazil, 2020

Evgenia Makarova
Fear in Your Eyes
Russia, 2021

Felipe Negreiros & Julio Santa Cecília
Flutuações Corriqueiras
Brazil, 2021

Fotios Begklis
Grand Tour – A film in-debt(ed)
UK/Greece, 2021

Gilberto Junio da Silva & Heloísa Lage Sudano Ribeiro
Brazil, 2020

Giovana Gabriela Barros & Igor da Silva
Brazil, 2021

Guido Nosari De Danieli
Sorry Sun
Italy, 2021

Star and Cross
Russia, 2020

João Diniz
Manifesto ao Abraço
Brazil, 2017

Josue Barbosa
Brazil, 2020

Kateryna Bortsova
UNion Communion
Ukraine, 2021

Marsaille Milward
Brazil, 2021

Mateus Torquato & Matheus Freitas
Dá-me a tua Mão
Brazil, 2021

Nicole Kouts
Brazil, 2020

Patrícia Siqueira
Entre Braços
Brazil, 2021

Paulo Accioly
Hug Soon Comes
Brazil, 2020

Romashka Does Something
Flowers Cure Souls
Russia, 2021

Sergey Gorodenskiy
Russia, 2021

Suruchi Soni
Blinking Senses
India, 2021

Thales Ferreira
Sparse Poems
Brazil, 2020


Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de Minas Gerais (FAPEMIG) (Foundation of Support Research of the State of Minas Gerais – FAPEMIG), Brazil.

PAPq – Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais

Institutional Partners

Graduate Program in Arts, Minas Gerais State University (UEMG), Brazil.

Acropolis Remix was showcased as Pavilion and Embassy at The Wrong Biennale 5